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Shady Grove Behavioral Health is counseling and mental health group located in central Indiana. Their original site was built in Squarespace but they were looking to move away from an out of the box solution for custom look and feel.

We worked closely with them to design a new look, color palette, and user experience and eventually landed a beautiful single page layout. This approach allowed their purposeful content to take center stage while still leaving plenty of room to grow over time.

The final site is mobile friendly while maintaining a clean and minimalistic aesthetic on desktop machines


Shady Grove Behavioral Health Home Page

The home page is a single page layout that was carefully designed to flow naturally from section to section. The navigation follows the user on desktop platforms and is layed out in a user friendly way on mobile devices.

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Shady Grove Behavioral Health Services

The final layout utilizes a single page layout we did not want to crowd the main screen with details. We utilized modals to bring extra content to the user only when they requested it.

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