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DOFNW is a Seattle-based environmental engineering firm. They have been around for some time, but have never focused much on maintaining their online presence. Their previous web page was a few years old and they had a hard time keeping it up to date with their existing infrastructure. It also had fallen behind in terms of visual design and interaction design, especially on mobile.

Their product team had a pretty good idea of what they wanted the product to look like, but the details are always hard to predict in advance. We worked closely with them through many iterations to get all the interactions and the look just right.

The result is a scalable, fast, and mobile-friendly site that’s trivial for them to modify and maintain.


DOFNW Home Page

The DOFNW homepage is SEO optimized and built to showcase the type of work that the firm does. The main focus of our collboration was to update the look and feel of the website while staying consistent within their brand. We worked with the team to find an image that really demonstrates what they do.

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DOFNW Projects Page

We worked closely with the design team to build a visually compelling page that demostrates the scope and variety of work that DOFNW does. After going through dozens of images, we picked the ones that best suited each project.

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