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When we received an opportunity to completely redesign the existing Distinctive Glass site we couldn’t wait to start. The goal was to create a platform where they could proudly display their wide range of work, products, and team members, as industry leaders in custom glass shower door and mirror projects. Working closely with stakeholders to pare down their existing content into the essentials allowed the images to really speak for themselves.

The design was built around displaying a large volume of images in a way that was intuitive and pleasant to use for the user in both mobile and desktop formats seamlessly.

The end result is a clean, elegant layout that subtly incorporates all the elements that makes Distinctive Glass Inc. a leader in their industry.


Distinctive Glass Home Page

The home page is intentionally sparse to allow the image to draw the viewer in. The rest of the design stemmed from this single design point.

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Distinctive Glass Hardware Page

Distinctive Glass had many images they wanted to organize into logical groups. With the shear volume of images endless scrolling was a real problem, especially on mobile. We incorporated a footer navigation bar to quickly find content on the page.

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