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When the owner of BLKINC initially approached us with the idea of building out a text-only site to replace his existing Ghost solution, we were somewhat skeptical about the possibilities of having a modern, responsive site that’s only text.

As unusual as the request was, we were excited to take on the challenge and the client was also open to change, should what he had in mind not work out as he had hoped. We worked closely with BLKINC through several iterations of the navigation and copy formatting until they were pleased with the results.

When all is said and done, we are quite pleased with how it turned out. The compromises benefited everyone: BLKINC received a highly usable, fast website and we grew a little as designers that day.


BLKINC Home page

The BLKINC homepage is interesting because it's the only page on the site that has mulitple sections. We worked with the BLKINC content to make sure it fits nicely on a single page on mobile

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The BLKINC about page is a good example of the text-only design that keeps the pages concise and to the point.

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